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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Combo

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Combo

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Beethoven’s Last Night (Deluxe Limited Edition) 2-CD Set + Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night) CD + The Lost Christmas Eve CD

Beethoven's Last Night:

*** song in broadcast program
Disc 1:
1. Overture
2. Midnight Narration
3. Midnight
4. Fate
5. What Good This Deafness Narration
6. What Good This Deafness
7. Mephistopheles Narration
8. Mephistopheles 
9. What Is Eternal Narration
10. What Is Eternal
11. The Moment Narration
12. The Moment
13. Vienna Narration
14. Vienna
15. Mozart Narration
16. Mozart
17. The Dreams Of Candlelight Narration
18. The Dreams Of Candlelight
19. Requiem (The Fifth) Narration
20. *** Requiem (The Fifth)
21. I'll Keep Your Secrets Narration
22. I'll Keep Your Secrets
23. The Dark Narration
24. *** The Dark
25. Fur Elise Narration
26. Fur Elise
27. After The Fall Narration
28. After The Fall

Disc 2:
1. A Last Illusion Narration
2. A Last Illusion
3. This Is Who You Are Narration
4. This Is Who You Are
5. *** Beethoven
6. Mephistopheles' Return Narration
7. Mephistopheles' Return
8. Misery Narration
9. Misery
10. Who Is This Child Narration
11. Who Is This Child
12. A Final Dream Narration
13. A Final Dream
14. Ending Narration

Dreams of Fireflies:

1. Winter Palace 
2. The Dreams of Fireflies (On A Christmas Night) 
3. I Had a Memory 
4. Someday 
5. Time You Should Be Sleeping (Christmas Lullaby)

The Lost Christmas Eve:

1. Faith Noel
2. The Lost Christmas Eve
3. Christmas Dreams
4. Wizard in Winter
5. Remember
6. Anno Domini
7. Christmas Concerto
8. Queen of the Winter Night 
9. Christmas NIghts in Blue
10. Christmas Jazz
11. Christmas Jam
12. Siberian Sleigh Ride
13. What is Christmas?
14. For the Sake of Our Brother
15. The Wisdom of Snow
16. Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)
17. Back to a Reason (Part II)
18. Christmas Bells, Carousels and Time
19. What Child is This?
20. O'Come All Ye Faithful
21. Christmas Canon Rock
22. Different Wings
23. Midnight Clear


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